Gabriele D’Uva – Cold (2003). 50 x 70 cm. Oil on canvas.

It’s early morning and it’s cold. A man sits alone on the sea shore.

To diffuse

Gabriele D’Uva – To diffuse (1997). 60 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas.

Everything diffuses beyond its borders, remains in a given shape only momentarily. Defining “something” means to stop a continuos process in order to make it understandable. This painting represents the manifest of “Diffusionism”.
Looking at a plant in a pot, I started seeing, even if in a limited way, the absurd plot of causes that is behind each existing object.


Gabriele D’Uva – Thought (1997). 50 x 70 cm. Oil on canvas.

The light diffuses and its diffusion gives shapes and colors to objects. I painted a candle, sign of light par excellence, but also sign of this new intuition.