Gabriele D’Uva – Essence (2003). 60 x 50 cm. Various materials, oil paint.

Everybody is influenced and shaped from the surrounding world. Everybody actively think and act. Emanating waves merge with us and originate from us. It’s the first painting in which I looked at a more dynamic and three-dimensional interpretation of diffusion.

To diffuse

Gabriele D’Uva – To diffuse (1997). 60 x 50 cm. Oil on canvas.

Everything diffuses beyond its borders, remains in a given shape only momentarily. Defining “something” means to stop a continuos process in order to make it understandable. This painting represents the manifest of “Diffusionism”.
Looking at a plant in a pot, I started seeing, even if in a limited way, the absurd plot of causes that is behind each existing object.